Other Resources

The resources below support learning about PTSD and effective treatments, providing treatment, and doing research using PTSD Repository data.  

Learning about PTSD and effective treatments

National Center for PTSD Website
We are the world’s leading research and educational center of excellence on PTSD and traumatic stress. Visit our website for information, mobile apps, videos and more. 

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Understanding PTSD and PTSD Treatment Booklet (PDF)
This booklet (PDF) explains PTSD and effective treatments with real stories from people who have been there.

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AboutFace is a website of Veterans, family members and clinicians talking about PTSD and how treatment can turn your life around.

Choosing a treatment

PTSD Treatment Decision Aid image
PTSD Treatment Decision Aid
This free, online tool allows anyone considering PTSD treatment to learn about and compare effective options. The decision aid can be used before seeing a provider or with a provider as a part of shared decision-making for PTSD treatment.

Clinical practice

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VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for PTSD (2023) 
Recommendations in the 2023 VA/DoD CPG are designed to guide clinical care decisions. Download the full CPG or provider handouts and access free continuing education courses. 

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PTSD Consultation Program
This program offers free consultation, continuing education and resources to VA and community providers who treat Veterans with PTSD. Consultation is free and is consistent with evidence-based practices for PTSD, such as the VA/DoD CPG. Email and phone options are available. No question is too big or too small.

PTSD literature

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PTSDpubs (formerly PILOTS) is a freely available, online database with access to the worldwide literature on PTSD and traumatic stress.

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NCPTSD e-Publications
Sign up to receive the National Center for PTSD's free e-newsletters that review the latest trauma research, resources and their application. The Research Quarterly (RQ) and Clinician’s Trauma Update (CTU) are aimed at providers and researchers. The PTSD Monthly Update is for everyone. 


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Visit the Meta-Analytic Database of Psychotherapy Trials where you can use an online meta-analysis tool to explore PTSD trials included in the PTSD Repository. Metapsy allows you to analyze data on-the-spot with options for everyone, including patients, providers and researchers.