PTSD-Repository Updates

What's New?

Visit this story often to learn about updates, edits and new information included in the PTSD-Repository. Changes are included chronologically, with newest items at the top of the page. 

9/2023: Welcome to Phase 4

In September of 2023 we launched our update to include studies through February of 2023. We now have 496 RCTs included in the PTSD-Repository data. It's worth checking out our story How the Data Were Organized to get detailed information about the content and organization of data in the Repository. A few highlights:
Enjoy exploring the PTSD-Repository!

3/2022: New Data Story - Medications for PTSD

In March of 2022, we launched a new story that reviews medication (or pharmacotherapy) studies included in the PTSD-Repository. This story includes visualizations to highlight what we know about trials specific to the 4 recommended medications for PTSD. 
Note: The VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline now recommends 3 medications for PTSD. This data story is being updated to reflect the new 2023 guidelines and will be reposted soon.

11/2021: New Data Story - Risk of Bias 

In November of 2021, we launched a new story that reviews risk of bias (ROB) domains and ratings assessed for all studies included in the PTSD-Repository. This story offers an overview of the importance of ROB ratings, the system used to assess studies in our database, and visualizations showing how different types of treatment studies are rated in the PTSD-Repository.

9/2021: New Resource - Reference Guide for PTSD Treatments in the PTSD-Repository

In September (2021), we uploaded a reference guide to support users. The guide contains brief descriptions of many of the treatments found in the studies included in the PTSD-Repository, organized by treatment category. There are 7 general treatment categories, and sub-classifications with examples are provided. Download the Reference Guide: Treatments Found in the PTSD-Repository.

9/2021: New Data Stories - Focus on Trauma-Focused Treatments and Managing Co-occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

As we updated our data in June, our team worked to publish 2 new data stories in September (2021).