What types of PTSD treatments have been studied? 

There are 496 studies of PTSD treatments in adults. These are randomized controlled trials--meaning, participants were assigned at random to an intervention group to test how effective a treatment is. 
Almost half of these studies are therapy trials (44% or 220 of the 496).
There are fewer, but still many, medication studies (19% or 95 of the 496).
  • Psychotherapy = therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy = medication
  • CIH = complementary and integrative health (such as meditation, yoga, etc.) 
The PTSD treatment studies were published between 1988 and February 2023. Therapy continues to be the most commonly studied treatment. Over time, more studies have examined complementary and integrative (CIH) interventions. Another growing area of research is testing combination treatments, such as doing therapy and taking medications together to see if outcomes improve more than either treatment alone.