Where in the world are PTSD treatments being studied?

The types of traumatic events that can lead to PTSD happen all over the world--including natural disasters, war, sexual or physical assault. The PTSD Repository includes 496 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of treatments for PTSD. Although all studies in the PTSD Repository are published in English, the research is done in many countries around the world.
The map below shows where PTSD research included in the PTSD Repository were completed. Almost two out of every three (59%) RCTs were completed in the United States. Another 16% were based in European countries and 10% are from the Middle East. Australia (n=20), Canada (n=7), Asia (n=15), Africa (n=8), and South America (n=5), are also studying PTSD treatments. An additional 10 studies include international samples (and are not on the map below). Interact with the map to zoom in and view the number of studies specific to each country.